INSPEED (Hard Speed Technology) is the holding company of Che Zhi Hui and the most important brand strategy deployment of Che Zhi Hui in recent years. Adhering to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, quality-oriented and win-win", we are committed to providing consumers with more professional, safer and more matching brake systems and upgrade services.


As a new and cutting-edge brake system brand, INSPEED has gathered the top resources in the industry, including the front-loading supporting suppliers, international standard R&D and testing equipment, expert teams in the field of braking and engineering at home and abroad, as well as the experience of vehicle model matching of world-famous brands in the past ten years, which has greatly improved the company's R&D and manufacturing capabilities and quality control capabilities in the field of braking, We have created high-performance products that cover the streets and track competitions.




Integrated design capability

We have independent R&D and design integration capabilities, including innovation and optimization, product design, etc. From the overall design of brake calipers, brake discs and brake accessories to the output of finished products, we have a professional technical research and development team.

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