R&D capability

From product planning, development, mold making to production, INSPEED Hard Speed has fully independent R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities.

Hard Speed has advanced technology and hardware equipment, and continues to increase the research, development and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new tooling


Since its inception, INSPEED has established a quality management and testing system oriented to market demand, focusing on product quality,

It has professional CNC processing equipment, advanced production technology, efficient production process, high degree of automation, complete test and inspection equipment and is at the international advanced level.

Strictly control the product development, production and manufacturing, product inspection and product use, including every detail of quality management and quality inspection.

product supply chain

Cooperate with well-known accessories manufacturers at home and abroad, through production and manufacturing in its own factory, purchase from high-quality suppliers, and co-brand customization with world-famous brands,

Create a complete product supply chain system.

Product testing process

There are brake efficiency test, brake wear test, brake noise test, parking brake, brake drenching, torque damage, brake disc thermal crack, brake disc thickness change

(DTV), brake disc torque change (BTV), brake disc thermal fatigue, brake disc high load, regenerative braking, ash drop test, etc.


Inertia noise bench test

Development stage of new products, online testing of products, and performance of brakes、
Heating capacity, measurement and elimination of brake noise and vibration test.

INSPEED Road test team

Rigorous everywhere
All for excellent quality!

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