A less metal formula design with the silicon carbide and alumina friction materials, will bring you comfort while braking. Rigid LINK bench testing, simulate various extreme environment, the initial performance is good, high temperature performance is outstanding, in the case of continuous braking performance is more stable brake powerful will lead to more excellent controllable performance brake handling, The amount of dust is greatly reduced without sacrificing braking force.

Powerful R&D Ability

International imported professional R&D equipment:

Controllable temperature and humidity LINK bench, can simulate -40 to 1000 degrees Celsius cold and hot environment; 

LINK compression testing machine; DSC analyzer to analyze the energy flow of resin reaction; TGA analyzer to analyze the decomposition humidity of organic materials; Infrared spectrum analyzer; CMM coordinate measuring instrument; Salt spray test chamber; Universal drawing force testing machine.

International standard experiment capability

Braking distance test; Friction coefficient test; AMS700 ℃ high temperature test; Noise testing; Durability test; Thermal jitter test; Rust removal test; Disk thickness variation test; Thermal parking test; Rust adhesion test; Failure simulation test.

International R&D team

A powerful international R&D team incl consultant, the former friction material expert of Japan, has independently developed environmentally friendly ceramic formula for passenger cars, ceramic formula with high friction coefficient, copper free ceramic formula, low dust and less metal formula and disc plate for commercial vehicles, and participated in more than 100 OE host research and development projects.

Low dust and high temperature resistant material

The formula contains high strength fiber, less metal formula design, and add silicon carbide, alumina and other friction materials to form a strong material cohesion, reduce brake dust, extend the life of the disc and sheet. It still has excellent braking performance when the continuous braking temperature is up to 800 degrees.

Low noise without jitter

With INSPEED special muffler, reduce the brake noise through reasonable grooving chamfering, after running in the disc and the surface of the sheet to form a uniform transfer film, disc, sheet wear are relatively small, can be used for a long life.

INS-20 Series

friction coefficient 0.38-0.47 , working temperature 0-800℃

INS-10 Series

friction coefficient 0.38-0.43 , working temperature 0-500℃

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