TR4&TR6 Competitive edition

Designed for competition, TS caliper features lightweight design and stainless steel pistons, which improve the performance on your car while racing.


TR4 CaliperTR6 6 Pistons Caliper
Manufacturing process:  2-piece ForgedManufacturing process:  2-piece Forged
Qty of piston:  4 pistonsQty of piston:  6 pistons
Rim Size:  17”Rim Size:  18”
Color:  Competitive GreyColor:  Competitive Grey
Rim Size(Inch)                Disc(mm):Rim Size(Inch):             Disc(mm):

17”(Front)                            330X28

18”(Rear)                              345X28

19”(Rear)                           360X28

18”(Front)                      355X34 

19”(Rear)                       378X34

Disc Face Types

TR6 road caliper

The forged caliper is made of aviation aluminum. The shape of the caliper adopts multiple hollow and lightweight designs to minimize the weight of the caliper. 

The Lightweight design of appearance is more in line with the principle of braking dynamics, and has better ventilation and heat dissipation performance. 

CS series caliper features differential bores and high temperature seals and piston dirt seals to protect against ingress of harmful debris.

CS6 caliper suits 380/410x34 mm discs

High carbon 72V brake disc

The new pattern design increases braking friction and effectively reduces power frequency noise. The unique patented design of 72 ventilated vanes provides more efficient cooling effect.

The carbon content is as high as 3.83%, and metal elements such as silicon and manganese are added to improve the fatigue resistance and wear resistance  Heat treatment removes internal stress, reduces distortion and vibration.


In order to get the best performance and comfort from brake system. INSPEED choose low metal formula with silicon carbide, alumina and other available friction materials to prevent judder or break squeal.

Rigorous LINK testing, simulating a variety of extreme environments, INSPEED PAD represents excellent initial performance, high temperature performance, more stable under continuous braking.

INS-10 series friction μ 0.38-0.43, Temperature 0-500 degrees centigrade

INS-20 series friction μ 0.38-0.47, Temperature 0-800 degrees centigrade

HEL Stainless steel braided brake lines

Manufactured by HEL Performance , HEL stainless steel brake line are certified:








CNC machined Aviation alum bells and steel brackets.

INSPEED  H-Bobbin rotor attachment complete hardware kit for floating 2-piece rotors

H-Bobbin rotor attachment complete hardware kit for floating 2-piece rotors. Corrosion resistant, allows secure mounting, and smooth expansion and contraction throughout heat cycles

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