On May 27th, we held a grand new brand launch at Shangri-La Hotel(Suzhou), officially announcing  Inspeed Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and  new brand INSPEED. The time of this conference is set on the eve of GT Show, a famous domestic automotivr modification exhibition. Over 100 decent partners from all over the country are invited. At the press conference, Mr. Tong Kun, the founder of Chezvi expresses his heartfelt thanks to all the participantsThen he narrated the development history of Chezvi in the past decade: starting from scratch, step by step, through various ups and downs, laid a solid foundation, and finally became a well-known enterprise in the industry. An saying goes like It takes a decade to grind a sword. years of sharpening a sword. It is the right time to build its own brand - INSPEED. At this launch conference, three series including TS, CS and TR brake system solutions are launched, TS6 /TS4 and CS6/CS4 are mainly for street use, TR6/TR4 is mainly for trackday and competition  In addition to this, the innovative and creative TE4 provides a perfect rear upgrade solution for vehicles with EPB.  The INSPEED hose is produced in the UK HEL, a jointly customized stainless hose with HEL. With aviation alloy T7075 bells and brackets. All upgrade brake kits are ready to be fitted, plug and play. Mr. Zeng Yuqing, Marketing Director analized the market enviroment and shared  the status and method of  internet marketing, and explained the online auxiliary marketing plan of the INSPEED, comprehensively helping B-end stores to carry out network promotion activities, improve the exposure rate of major dealers, achieve offline drainage, and promote the transaction of converted products. Mr. Jiang Sen, financial director of Inspeed Technology, explained the sales policy and announced the prices of new products, which caused a strong response from the market. 


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