New Product Launch | INSPEED-ISCB Carbon Ceramic Brake Disc Officially Launched


New product name:
INSPEED-ISCB carbon ceramic brake disc

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New product background:

With the continuous development of the automobile industry and culture, the carbon brake components that were first used in the high-end fields of aviation, high-speed rail, military and motor racing have gradually entered the civil market. In terms of performance, the current top F1 racing brake disc is made of carbon-carbon composite material, which has excellent comprehensive advantages such as low density, high strength, high thermal conductivity, good friction performance and light heat decay, and is an ideal brake material in high-speed braking scenarios. However, the performance of carbon brake discs will decline rapidly in wet environment, which is not suitable for civil use. In addition to many advantages and characteristics similar to those of carbon-carbon composites, carbon ceramic brake discs can also maintain good and stable performance in wet environment. Therefore, carbon ceramic has become the latest and most high-end brake material in the field of civil braking.


ISCB advantages:

Compared with the current mainstream cast iron brake discs, the core advantages of ISCB carbon ceramic brake discs are very obvious.

1) Lightweight, with the same size, the weight of ISCB carbon ceramic disc is only 1/3 of that of cast iron disc. On some models, the suspension system can even reduce weight by 100kg. Friends who know about refitting have heard a saying: one pound under the spring, ten pounds on the spring. Lightweight can bring better dynamic response, which is conducive to improving vehicle dynamic response and handling performance.

2) High temperature stability, better heat decay resistance. ISCB carbon ceramic dish has extremely high heat capacity, can easily withstand the high temperature of 600~1400 degrees and maintain a stable friction coefficient, without deterioration, and has excellent performance.

3) Long service life. The normal service life of ISCB carbon ceramic discs is several times that of cast iron brake discs, reaching more than 300000 kilometers.

4) There are many types of suitable calipers and a wide range of models. The ISCB brake disc can basically fit the multi-piston brake calipers of the mainstream brands on the market, as well as the original multi-piston calipers of most high-performance vehicles. The data is accurate and the matching is mature, which is suitable for most car owners to upgrade.

5) With INS-C10 special carbon ceramic brake skin, it can ensure high friction coefficient in dry and wet conditions, achieve shorter braking distance, ensure higher driving safety, higher reliability, and better handling and braking experience.

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