New Product Launch | INSPEED TE4 rear wheel mechatronic brake kit official release


New product :
INSPEED TE4 mechatronic rear wheel brake kit


The double calipers scheme originated from the supercar. Thanks to the application of the new 3D scanning equipment and the technical upgrading of the engineer team, INSPEED can produce a double calipers scheme that perfectly fits all major models. The process is mature and reliable, and the performance is excellent and stable.


At the same time, we also noticed that many car owners adhere to the layout of rear wheel single calipers, and they pursue simple beauty. They hope that one calipers can solve all functions like the original rear brake, so we designed and launched TE4 four-piston mechatronic calipers, which integrate four-piston brake calipers and independent hand brake motors to meet the needs of these car owners.


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