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Many Porsche fans say that only the 911 is the real soul of Porsche, and the other four-door cars are the tools for making money, which is not worth mentioning in front of feelings. Indeed, 911 may be the perfect lover in the dream, but for the vast majority of young people with successful careers, perhaps Panamera is the most suitable high-quality object. Elegant and streamlined family design, benchmarking power and handling performance, as well as the valuable practicality brought by the four-door four-seat and hunting body, these are the most fascinating aspects of the Panamera hunting version.


Porsche has provided PCCB carbon ceramic brake system as an optional part for some of its vehicles, equipped with front 10-piston calipers, rear four-piston calipers, and front and rear carbon ceramic brake discs manufactured by Brembo. In addition to optional, owners can also choose to upgrade later. The original PCCB kit is expensive. If you want to upgrade a set of carbon ceramic brakes at a lower cost, owners can choose the first ten rear four calipers of the original factory with INSPEED-ISCB carbon ceramic brake discs. The brake performance is excellent and the appearance and texture are first-class.

Model: Porsche Panamera
Front wheel:
Calipers: Porsche 10-piston calipers
Dish: INSPEED-ISCB 420mm carbon ceramic disc
Rear wheel:
Calipers: Porsche four-piston calipers
Dish: INSPEED-ISCB 390mm carbon ceramic dish
Attachment: Belfe electronic  brake caliper

INSPEED-ISCB carbon ceramic brake disc is a new product of INSPEED  in 2022. Compared with conventional cast iron brake discs, the core advantages of ISCB carbon ceramic brake discs are: lightweight, efficient reduction of unsprung mass; The phenomenon of heat decay is lighter; The friction coefficient is more stable under extreme high temperature; Shorter braking distance; High wet friction coefficient; Long service life, daily service life can exceed 300000 kilometers and many other advantages can ensure higher driving safety, higher reliability, better handling and braking experience.

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